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Buy, rent, test Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2


Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2 

We are the official sales partner and reseller of the Trimble XR 10 in Germany and specialize in use in industrial production. The Trimble XR 10 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a hardware device that is well suited for noisy, dirty and security-controlled work areas.

The Trimble XR 10 integrates the Microsoft HoloLens 2 into a safety helmet and was developed in Trimble USA's Microsoft HoloLens Customization Program.

The helmet meets the EN397 standard and the integrated audio interface from mobilus labs enables indescribable quality even in noisy and difficult conditions. Trimble's variant of the Hololens fills a gap and offers high performance at a convincing price.

You can obtain this augmented reality solution from us with pre-installed software bundles or with individual software.


Trimble XR10 with MobiWan bone conductioninterface

Device features Mobilus' patented two-way bone conduction technology. Micro-vibrations on the head transmit audio directly to the user's inner ear. Interference from background noise is minimized. 

The same technology is used to transmit the user's voice as audio using the vibrations. Real-time signal processing makes it possible to capture and isolate your voice in even the noisiest environments.

The battery capacity is more than 8 hours for a whole day's use, fast charging via USB takes 1.5 hours.


Software and applications for HoloLens 2

We develop applications for you and with you using Microsoft Dynamic Guides, Remote Assist, Unity and Unreal Engine. The industry-wide XR interface standard OpenXR continuously makes the development of applications and the exchange easier.