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Unboxing Technikethik – Series of Events 2023


Unboxing Technikethik #4 – Even more beautiful, even better! Even more unhappy?



It's clear: we want to constantly improve and present ourselves well. At work, at home, in the home office and soon also in the virtual spaces of the Metaverse. In VR, our self-expression is almost limitless. The main thing is that you stay authentic – or not. It has never been so easy to represent yourself freely. Live it up. Let the pig out. Do you feel like it? How many avatars do you already have?

We clarify about: roles, rituals, rules in so-called real life and in virtual life.

Our goal this time: a guide for your healthy digital self-expression and interaction.

We look forward to your immersive* self.

* “Immersive” comes from the word “immersion,” which means to embed or immerse. Originally from the field of video games, the term now describes deep immersion in a digital world, especially in virtual reality.


Unboxing Technikethik #3 – Information Responsibility


Information is the fuel for reach, revenue and power. We are stuck in the media jungle and have a fever that we don't miss anything and don't miss out.

We're halfway through a headline and think we've got the whole thing covered. The algorithms and the generative AI feed us and the fourth estate in the state – as the press and radio used to be called – meanwhile has to earn its money through clickbaits.

Egg, egg, egg! Dystopia again? No. No. No worries. Of course we have the solution ready:

acceptance of responsibility. Actually easy. This time we are working out a first-aid kit* for our personal media skills and our demands for companies, politics and society. It's easy, I promise. Committed to today's motto: We lie to you, join us!

*Contents in our first aid kit:

  • Critical thinking
  • methodological competence
  • communication skills

"Energy ethics - the heat pump won't save you!", 22.06.2023

Do without or hope for technology? Save the climate or continue to consume defiantly? We get to the bottom of the zeitgeist and our psychological confusion. We show the challenges for people, companies and politics and find a common, responsible point of view on our use of energy.


"AI and Creativity – Impulses, talks, workshops”, March 2nd, 2023

The end of art, of creativity? We look at the positions of the individual, the AI creators and society. What is it about the new AI that has rocked IT companies and the creative scene worldwide in recent weeks? Hype, utopia, dystopia?

More dates will follow

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