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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) by Marshall Rosenberg

1st observation

Concentration on observing the action/situation.

Evaluations and interpretations are deliberately avoided.

2. feeling

It then asks which feelings are triggered.

3. Need

In this step, it is worked out which needs were met in the situation or - in the case of negative feelings - just not met.

4. Please

Finally, a request is formulated, with which one asks for a specific action in order to satisfy one's own unfulfilled need.

Nonviolent Communication is a course of action developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

It is a peaceful conflict resolution. The focus is on developing an appreciative relationship that enables more cooperation and shared creativity in living together.

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Nonviolent communication for conflict resolution

Nonviolent communication is very useful for conflict resolution. It starts with the needs. If we assume that the basic needs of all people are the same (see graphic above), then conflict resolution is quite possible if everyone involved in a conflict has a clear idea of their needs and can formulate them clearly.